Here’s what satisfied
clients are saying:

“I have known Maria for just over 13 years. In that time she has helped me with organization, household finances (including annual income tax assistance) and most recently, downsizing. She is so efficient, pleasant and fast. I’m a real challenge and she never nags. She is a wonderful human being and I trust her completely.” —Immie Pamplin

“Gratitude for Maria Betts, my Organizer and friend, who is worth EVERY penny I pay her to come help me go through the stuff we’ve collected for 43+ years of marriage and 23 years in one house. Her business is called Simplisize. She’s kind. Unshockable by the accumulated messes we all want to hide. Practical and with great sense of humor, but also kind and flexible. Can’t thank God enough for people who are GIFTED in areas I am WEAK and incapable without help of doing what needs doing. THANKS to MARIA! You save my life every week! (And my children will thank you for not having to go through ALL MY MESSES when I check this body in for true freedom!” — N. Sorrell

“Hi Maria, I can’t say enough about your services. They were wonderful and above what I expected. I would recommend you anytime and highly. Who knows I may need you again. Hugs to you and Christy and thanks to your husband for the extras he provided. What a team EXCELLENT!!” — S. Hartley

“Maria, you are a miracle worker. I got a text from Jan raving about how the apartment looks. Then JoAnne called me just now and said the same. She said it is beautiful and she loves it. I don’t know how we could have done this move without your involvement.” — D. Welch

“We started working with Maria when the time came to move my father into assisted living. Her ability to help him sort through more than 50 years of furniture, belongings, and memories was something no one had been able to do in the past. She is efficient, proactive, and simply lovely to be around!” – C. Fawn

“Over the past 12 years, I have had the privilege of contracting Maria Betts to spearhead multiple commercial and residential organization projects. In every case, I experienced Maria to be invaluable as a resource for downsizing and (as a bonus) utterly enjoyable to work with! While letting go of ‘stuff’ can be extremely challenging, Maria’s calm and sensitive yet decisive approach is supremely effective in delivering life-changing results in the work or home environment. Recently, I moved from my home into a downtown apartment, and the amount of progress I was able to make each day with Maria at my side was mind-blowing. Thanks Maria for helping me simplify my life!” — G. Huddleston

“I was paralyzed by all my stuff when my bookkeeper recommended I call Maria for help. The combination of inheriting all my mother’s possessions and the fact that my husband and I were ready to downsize so we could move to a smaller residence overwhelmed me. After hiring Maria to help me, I can once again see the floor of my garage. She gently guides me through each project we tackle, without making me feel any guilt or shame about my situation, and I even end up having fun. She is kind, intelligent, dependable, honest and responsible, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her.” — Anita Kleinert

“Maria is flexible and dependable–She does what she says she’s going to do and is on time. I appreciate her sensitivity to issues of confidentiality.” — K.S., Austin, Texas

My craft room, which was supposed to be my haven, had become so disorganized that I didn’t even want to go in the room, let alone create. Maria came, and with her gentle, non-judgmental approach, helped me work through every item of clutter. She guided, praised and helped me make hard decisions. Not only was she an excellent organizer with the highest level of professionalism, but she was an absolute joy to spend time with. I’m very grateful that Maria simplisized my life! – J. Justice

We service the whole Flathead Valley of Montana, including:
Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Kalispell, and Big Fork.

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